• The fuel quality is guaranteed due to cooperation with the biggest fuel producers.

    A network including 15 petrol stations in the western part of the country.

  • Establishment and maintenance of the mandatory reserves of liquid fuels.

    Reloading and rental of storage areas for liquid fuels.

  • Extensive range of tobacco products and perfumes of well-known brands.

    A network of 10 points of sale located in the border zone.

Apexim Group

Rapidly developing Apexim Group is a proud employer of more than 250 employees, as well as the owner of the following brands: AB Tankstellen, Trip Free Shop, TS Tankstelle Schwedt and a modern Fuel Depot. Due to our qualified staff and many years of experience, we have become the leading seller of fuels in western Poland. Moreover, we cooperate with the best fuel concerns, and this guarantees the highest quality of fuel for our Clients.

Since 1990, the Apexim Group has been engaged in the business activity in two main market sectors:

  • retail trade of fuels and FMCG products within a network of petrol stations and a network of points of sale,

  • business activity consisting of the provision of fuel storage and reloading services, as well as establishment and maintenance of the mandatory reserves for external entities.

The total annual revenues of Apexim Group amount to more than 720 million PLN.

The size of our network has grown to 15 petrol stations and 10 retail outlets. Moreover, we are the operator of two marketplaces for over 330 buyers. We are constantly expanding our offer with new car washes, service stations, new points of sale and food courts, in order to provide the Clients with the widest range of services. 

We are proud of our own modern Fuel Depot, which is located in Mirostowice Dolne. It is a huge depot with a total area of ​​22 ha, which allows us to store large reserves of fuels. The completed modernisation process ensured the fulfilment of the highest safety and environmental protection standards.

Two tanks, with a capacity of 20 000 m3 each, were constructed in 2008-2009, with the intention of using them for storage services, as well as the establishment and maintenance of mandatory fuel reserves for producers and importers of liquid fuels. Currently, the depot is characterised by a total capacity of approx. 46 000 m3, while the length of technological pipelines exceeds 5 km.

Moreover, the depot has a modern loading terminal, which includes lines for bottom loading of road tankers for Pb 95, Pb 98 and ON products, along with an electronic biocomponent dosing system (bioethanol, fatty acid esters). Due to the use of the latest technology, the average loading time of a road tanker takes up to 30 minutes. The depot also includes its own railway siding with a total length of 516 m.

In addition, the Fuel Depot provides fuel transport services – implemented using 7 sets of modern road tankers.

We have selected the most attractive locations for our 15 stations, situated near the border with Germany in the following provinces:

- West Pomerania Province,
- Lubusz Province,
- Lower Silesia Province.

There are modern car washes located by 5 of our stations.

Our Clients are guaranteed the highest quality fuel, as well as comprehensive and friendly service. We serve the best coffee at the border, as well as tasty snacks in the Integra Cafe’s offer, among others: popular hot dogs, ice cream, cold drinks. The Clients hungry for shopping will always find something interesting in the extensive range of the Integra Shop. Quick access to promotions, discount coupons, as well as the best offers, is guaranteed by our new mobile application - Integra ABp.

For our regular Clients, we have prepared an attractive loyalty program - Integra Club, which provides the possibility to receive valuable prizes. 

10 points of sale of the Trip Free Shop hit the "bull’s eye" in terms of expectations of our Clients. They are open 7 days a week and provide a wide selection of original products.

They quickly gained popularity thanks to their convenient location, friendly service and extensive selection of tobacco products. Moreover, they offer the best coffee and original perfumes at attractive prices!

The greatest advantages of the Trip Free Shops include: the highest quality of products, easy access to the offer and large number of promotions, which can be also reviewed in the AB mobile application.